Friday, June 19, 2009

friday my town shoot out - metal

I've just joined a group of bloggers who take photos around their town using a theme. I think it will be a lot of fun. This weeks theme is metal so here is what I found down the road at the park.

A walk through Central Park in Roseville MN
gives you perspective .
This is how metal lives with nature.
copyright photographs Grace Albaugh 2009


  1. These photos are really lovely. I'm also drawn to metal of all kinds. That red bench looks very inviting!

  2. very cool metal items. Is the blue sign pointing to where bicycles can run over rollerbladers? I'm confused. ;)

    BTW, I live in Roseville, MI

  3. The bikers can only hit the rollerbladers at this particular spot. Just kidding. I'm sure Roseville MI is just as fine as Roseville MN. Thanks for stopping by.

    Good to see you too Angela.

  4. I like what you found for your theme photo shoot.

  5. Thanks sallymandy and thanks for stopping in and taking a look. Good to have you here.

  6. as promised I am catching up - going back in time to get to know your site... I love the sign - not for its metal but for its words... it is so politically correct these days to talk about carbon footprints but NO ONE is talking about out trash foot print. very good. I love the red benches, I am a sucker for park benches and for the color red.... I will enjoy keeping track of your blog.


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