Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tuesday craft - blown egg

©copyright Grace Albaugh 2009

Blown egg

covered with hundreds of dots

taken from antique paper

a whole new design emerges


  1. Good luck with your new blog,and thanks for visiting mine!

  2. What a wonderful piece of Art Grace.
    Many thanks for your visit and most kind comments on my Blue Poppy.

    A tip for you.
    If you want the copyright sign.
    hold down Alt then keypad 0169 - as you release 9 release Alt at the same time.

  3. What a fantastic Post !! This paper made egg is so beautiful !!I really loved this kind of art work...Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

  4. That's one fascinating egg. The surface looks like its covered with coins, or maybe scales. Great texture look.

  5. beautiful egg, such a wonderfully simple idea

  6. imac - thanks for the tip. Still learning all the ins and outs of it all.

    Thanks for all the nice comments. Glad you are enjoying the art.


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